The Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (ICAC) for South Australia to conduct an evaluation of DCS.

As of today, February 3 2020, the Deputy ICAC Commissioner will be conducting an evaluation of the Department for Correctional Services’ practices, policies and procedures, with a view to identifying any weaknesses or other issues which might expose the department to risks for corruption or maladministration in public administration.

The evaluation will also seek to identify any areas of improvement, while also highlighting systems and practices in place that already safeguard against such risks.

The Chief Executive welcomes the review and the opportunity it presents to inform system improvement.

There will be the ability for the public and interested stakeholders to make written submissions as part of the evaluation.

The final report will go to Parliament by December 2020.

The public statement by the Hon. Bruce Lander QC, Independent Commissioner Against Corruption, can be found on the ICAC website.