The Victim Services Unit

Staff of the unit are able to work on your behalf so that you receive the support and services you need.

They can help you if the person who committed the crime against you is:

  • in prison or
  • under our supervision in the community.

This also includes people who have been released on supervised bail before sentencing or are in prison on remand.

Details on services and support provided to victims can be found here

The Victims’ Register

Due to confidentially provisions within the law we are unable to give out personal information about prisoners or offenders to the general public.

We must make sure that you are eligible for this information and will need to ask you for your details and details of the crime.

This information will be kept confidentially within The Victims Register. Prisoners and offenders will never be told that victim(s) are registered against them.

You must be registered to be part of this process. Registration is voluntary. If you choose not to register (which is fine too) DCS will not be able to provide as much information to you.

Find out more to become a Registered Victim and the support services which are available.

Further advice and information

If you’d like further advice please contact the Victim’s Service Unit.


Telephone: 1800 370 550

The Victims of Crimes Act 2001 and The Victims Charter set out the legal responsibilities and requirements.