Booking a visit

The booking process

Pilot program for Prisoner Domestic Visit Bookings

Adelaide Pre-release Centre, Mobilong Prison and Port Lincoln prison are involved in a pilot program that enables prisoners to manage their own domestic visits.
The other locations are following the telephone booking process.

Telephone bookings

Bookings are made by contacting the prison directly by telephone. The prisons have set times that you can make a booking which can vary between the prisons.

Each prison has an information page that details:

  • the booking phone number
  • when you can call to book a visit
  • the visiting times available
  • visiting arrangements.

The page also includes maps, contact information and directions see the prison locations page.

You need to inform us of everybody who is coming to the visit. This includes children and infants.

Most prisons have limits to the number of visitors that can visit at one time. Please check the page of the prison you intend to visit for details.

We will then check that you are an approved visitor and that you, and those accompanying you, are on the nominated visitor list.

We will not allow people not on the visit booking into the visit.

Special visiting arrangements

Some of our prisons have wheelchair access.

It may be possible for visitors with special needs to organise a visit outside regular visiting times.

Some visits may require special approval from the general manager.

If you have any concerns or special needs, please raise them while making your booking arrangement.

Cancelling your visit

Family and friends support is very important to prisoners so try not to cancel your visit.

Cancelled visits can be bad for a prisoner's mental health and can make them frustrated and agitated.

If cancelling the visit is unavoidable please phone the prison in advance to let them know.

This enables other visitors to use the time slot and facilities. It also means that the prisoner isn't left waiting for a visit that doesn't happen.