The Department is proud of its partnering activities with a range of Government and non-Government organisations, businesses, research and tertiary institutions and third sector communities.

Our partners — why we have partners

The ultimate objective of the department is to contribute to public protection and to improve outcomes for the community. This is done through efforts to reduce offender recidivism and provide for successful reintegration back into the community.

This includes the use of meaningful and targeted rehabilitation and education programs in addition to effective partnerships with other government departments, community based organisations, volunteers and the private sector.

Partnerships enhance reintegration outcomes for offenders.

For example, the Department for Correctional Services / SA Police collaboration: The Police Corrections Unit and the Department’s Office for Correctional Services Review have developed a close working relationship and target criminal activity in our prisons and work closely with Community Corrections and the Parole Board in the monitoring of high risk offenders under supervision in the community.

Other examples of the effectiveness of this partnership include the multi-agency MAPS, Offender Management Plan and the Family Safety Framework.

The ongoing success of the Adelaide Pre-Release Centre has a focus on establishing successful partnerships with the private sector to offer prisoners employment opportunities prior to release.

The department has established a successful Aboriginal Elders visitation program which sees a team of Elders visiting a number of prisons. This program has been well received by the Elders and the prisoners, and has assisted prisoners to maintain contact with community.

The department is also dedicated to contributing to the state strategic priority of building safe and healthy communities. And in this regard, entered a strategic partnership with the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) Wellbeing and Resilience Centre to measure and build wellbeing and resilience across the workforce and to measure and build the wellbeing and resilience of female and male prisoners.


  • Download: DCS Partnership Framework 2021-25.pdf (1.6 MB PDF)
  • Download: 2021-22 DCS Community Grants Program Application Form (166.6 KB DOCX)
  • Download: DCS Community Grants Program Guidelines 2021-22 (531.9 KB PDF)