Our Chief Executive

David Brown

As Chief Executive of the Department for Correctional Services Mr Brown is responsible for the leadership of a diverse and committed team that is responsible for the custody of more than 2,900 prisoners and the supervision of more than 6,000 offenders in the community.

Mr Brown started his career as a Correctional Officer in Queensland.

He joined DCS as Executive Director, Custodial Services in 2009 with a strong mandate to revitalise the way prisons (and prisoners) are managed in South Australia.

Since then he has played a key role in strengthening security and emergency management standards across the system, placing a renewed focus on literacy and numeracy for prisoners, and building community partnerships to improve reintegration of offenders back into society once they leave prison.

Mr Brown is passionate about creating an integrated approach to offender management that involves meaningful activity combined with targeted rehabilitation.

Prior to joining the South Australian Department for Correctional Services Mr Brown worked for a multi-national security, care and justice company. Based in Canberra he had responsibility for leading the operation of immigration detention services across Australia.

Mr Brown is a current member of the Criminal Justice Sector Reform Council for South Australia and is a member of the Corrective Services Administrators Council.