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COVID-19 Update: Face-to-face domestic visits reopen to children

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Prison life

Everything about being in prison – from the admission process to applying for release

Admission process

What happens on arrival at a prison...

Admission process Find out more

The first seven days

Orientation, induction and who to approach for help and advice...

The first seven days Find out more

Prisoner management

Case management, safety, work programs and structured days...

Prisoner management Find out more

Prisoner health and wellbeing

Health issues, health care, special needs and diet information...

Prisoner health and wellbeing Find out more

Prisoner money

Prison guidelines regarding cash, money and prisoner accounts...

Prisoner money Find out more


Property limits and contraband...

Property Find out more

Prisoner canteen

Safe and secure access to additional food supplies, toiletries and other common items...

Prisoner canteen Find out more

Prisoner mail

Information about sending and receiving mail and packages while in prison...

Prisoner mail Find out more

Telephone access

Information about prisoner access to telephones, who they can call, and paying for the calls...

Telephone access Find out more

Public Holidays and Christmas arrangements

Information about changes to prison routines during Public Holidays...

Public Holidays and Christmas arrangements Find out more

Domestic visitors

Information for prisoners regarding visitor access for friends and family members...

Domestic visitors Find out more

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