Partners that support victims

The department is committed to meeting the rights and needs of victims of crime and ensuring that they are treated with compassion and respect.

Our Victim Services Unit manages the Victims Register. The register is vital in promoting the rights and needs of victims of crime.

The unit works with government and non-government victim support agencies and departmental stakeholders, to ensure that the rights of victims are upheld.

South Australia’s Commissioner for Victims' Rights

The Commissioner for Victims’ Rights offers help and support to victims of crime. The DCS Victims Service Unit works closely with the Commissioner to ensure that victims get the support they need.

The Commissioner is appointed by the Governor of South Australia as an independent statutory officer to helps victims with the criminal justice system, public officials and public agencies.

The Victim Support Service (VSS)

The department has partnered with the Victim Support Service (VSS) to ensure that there is a greater awareness of victims and their rights between ourselves and with the volunteers.

This successful partnership makes sure we both know the services available to victims out with our own areas of expertise. We work collaboratively to refer victims to the correct service.

The DCS Victims Support Unit works very closely with several other victim support groups.