Benefits for your business

Businesses in partnership with us are already benefiting from either purchasing end product or utilising a service provided by our industries.

Our vendor alliances and business solutions are designed, tested and proven.

The ideal markets

The main focus of prison industries is to:

  • assist with the production of goods for export
  • provide a replacement for imported goods, and
  • help markets meet excess demand for certain products.

We are South Australian

In joining with us you will be supporting our local communities and making them safer. Every time you choose to seek products and services from our prison industries you are supporting employment and rehabilitative initiatives for prisoners.

South Australian prison industries provides a great opportunity for you to value add to your business, and to be competitive with off shore markets and competitors.

The ideal platform

We are able to tailor solutions to meet individual business requirements. Unique or specialised constructions or services can be catered for. We can offer a very flexible range of possibilities.

We can:

  • reduce your manufacturing costs
  • improve quality
  • increase efficiency, and
  • adapt, as needed, to meet your customers’ requirements where possible.

Accredited Quality Management

All our Prison Industries sites have gained certification to ISO 9001:2015 for their quality management systems.

This means that the sites have demonstrated their ability to consistently provide products and services that meet both customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

Selected sites have gained ISO 4801: 2001 for their occupational health, safety and welfare system.

Additionally our catering and baking operations are HACCP certified.

We are good corporate citizens

The work the prisoners do must not compete with or endanger a local supplier.

We will not undertake a contract if:

  • there is likely competition from a local market or local supplier, or
  • there is the possibility that job losses could occur in the local community.

We will not enter into partnerships with companies experiencing hardship or financial difficulties.