What a social worker does

Social workers are employed in both our prisons and in our Community Correctional Centres. Social workers work with offenders on an individual or group basis.

The role is a challenging one and involves complex case work. However, this is a role that provides professional development opportunities and skills within a unique setting.


Social workers provide assessment and intervention services for prisoners. They conduct individual counselling, provide treatment assessments for appropriate programs, assess at-risk prisoners and facilitate group programs - all designed to enhance and support rehabilitation.

Social workers address the factors associated with offending behaviour and assist with daily life especially within prison environments.


Social workers within community corrections are responsible for:

  • identifying offender social development needs and providing appropriate referrals
  • monitoring the response of offenders to conditions of court and implementing measures to ensure they comply with community based sanctions
  • preparing comprehensive written reports in order to facilitate offenders’ release plans, set appropriate parole conditions and to advise of their progress.

We employ social workers with a strong belief in offender rehabilitation.

To be able to work as a social worker with us you’ll need to have appropriate degree or equivalent qualification which gives eligibility for full membership of the Australian Association of Social Workers.