Correctional Officer training

Certificate III in Correctional Practice (custodial)

Six weeks classroom training

This is a formal classroom training environment which covers:

  • roles and structures of the department
  • prisoner case management
  • personal security
  • prison security
  • records administration
  • report writing and
  • human relations.

Six week roster work experience – ‘on the job’ training


  • learn to use a case management model which assists prisoners care, rehabilitation and skill development
  • gain experience in safe, secure and humane control of prisoners


Trainee Correctional Officers will:

  • interact closely and communicate directly with prisoners
  • receive training, assistance and direction from qualified Correctional Officers
  • perform a range of duties related to the security, safety and welfare of prisoners

Formal testing

There are formal competency, task and performance assessments at regular intervals

Supervision after training

After successfully completing the 12 week course the newly qualified Correctional Officers are supervised on a probationary first year – there are five performance reviews during this period


Successful TCO’s are awarded the Australian Qualification Framework – Certificate III in Correctional Practice (Custodial). This qualification is recognised Australia wide.

Pay and remuneration

You will start the training program as a Correctional Officer (CO-1) and receive an initial remuneration salary of $46,620 per year (as of October 2016).

After successfully completing the 12 week course you will be remunerated as a C0-2  with  a base rate of $50,815 (as of October 2016).

You will be required to work an average 38 hour week.