Community service

We are committed to providing an appropriate penalty to offenders via the Community Service Scheme while at the same time offering meaningful work and training opportunities.

Community service in South Australia is known as RepaySA. It provides an opportunity for offenders to make a positive contribution to our community.

We try to provide skills, training and where appropriate qualifications linked to the community work that offenders undertake. This helps provide offenders with the skills to assist with future employment.

Benefits to the community

RepaySA is an opportunity for offenders to make a positive contribution to our community.

Key benefits to the community include:

  • removing graffiti
  • cleaning up in transport interchanges
  • tidying up along roads
  • helping local councils
  • working at local cemeteries, and
  • cleaning vacant homes for Housing SA between tenancies.

We rely on the involvement of organisations and individuals to help with the success of the community service scheme and are always interested in new work and placement opportunities for offenders.

We try to provide skills, training and where appropriate qualifications linked to the work people in the community undertake. These skills help with assisting future employment.

Court orders with community service components

The following court orders may have a community service components:

  • Good Behaviour and Suspended Sentenced Bonds
  • Parole
  • Non-payment of fines
  • Home Detention
  • Shop theft
  • Family Law Community Service
  • Commonwealth Order and Recognizance
  • Community Service Supervision.

Community service is carried out on an assigned project and in supervised work crews of six or seven.

Some offenders may have difficulty undertaking the standard community service program for example those with other family responsibilities perhaps they are a single parent or people with physical or mental health issues.

These offenders are placed in smaller special needs workgroups. They stay at a work base and perform suitable tasks such as organising clothing collection bags for charity.

Offender management

All community service participants are interviewed to determine which placement is most appropriate.

Conditions and expectations are set out and explained to offenders at the interview. The offender will sign the “Acknowledgement of Conditions to Perform Community Service” agreement.

This document includes the working hours, where the offender must report and which days and how to contact their assigned community corrections officer.

Failure to attend community service

Offenders are treated on an individual basis and unexplained absences are classed as a breach.

Offenders who fail to attend will be contacted by their assigned officer and asked for an explanation and evidence.

Failure to respond or supply a suitable explanation and evidence may result in a non-compliance report being sent to the court. They may decide to add extra hours to the Community Service Order - or that a prison sentence is appropriate.

Reporting a problem

The police should be called if you are worried about any member of the public's behaviour.

Offenders who are worried about any issues within their own Community Service Order or someone who is working beside them should speak to their assigned Community Corrections Officer.

All crime should be reported to the police.

Contacting Community Corrections

You can always get in touch with Community Corrections.

We will pass on feedback and compliments to any group or staff member.

We are interested in extending the opportunities and placements available via the Repay scheme and we welcome all suitable suggestions.