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Volunteers make a differences?

A good role model is important

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The benefits of volunteering

Volunteering should not be a one-way experience

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What skills do I need

We are looking motivated, honest and non-judgemental people

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What commitments will I have to make

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Checks and screening

All DCS Staff and volunteers have background checks

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Training and support

All volunteers get training, induction and ongoing support

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volunteer support

Safety concerns

Putting your mind at ease regarding security and safety protocol

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We will provided transport if the role requires it

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Rights and responsibilities

Both volunteers and the department have rights and responsibilities

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Volunteers rights and responsibilities

Your rights

You have a number of rights when you are volunteering with us.
For example – you have the right:

  • - to work in a healthy and safe environment
  • - to be interviewed and recruited in accordance with equal opportunity and anti-discrimination legislation
  • - to be given accurate and truthful information about the organisation for which you are volunteering;
  • - to be given a copy of the organisation’s volunteer policy and any other policy/procedures that affect your role
  • - not to fill a position previously held by a paid worker
  • - to have a role description and agreed hours of contribution
  • - to be provided with orientation to the organisation and the role
  • - to have your confidential and personal information dealt with in accordance with the principles of the Information Privacy Principles Instruction
  • - to be provided with appropriate training and support to carry out your role

Your responsibilities

Similarly – we have expectations of our volunteers.
For example – we expect you to:

  • - be reliable
  • - respect confidentiality
  • - carry out specified tasks according to the role description
  • - be accountable for your actions
  • - be committed to the organisation
  • - undertake training as required by the organisation
  • - ask for support when you need it
  • - be accountable for ID Cards issued to you and report lost or damaged cards immediately
  • - notify as early as possible if unable to attend
  • - be courteous to offenders, staff and other volunteers
  • - raise any issues with the organisation and not denigrate the organisation to offenders, staff or other volunteers
  • - give notice before you leave the organisation
    - value and support other team members