South Australian Prison Health Service (SAPHS)

The South Australia Prison Health Service delivers a range of primary health care services to prisoners located across the seven state-run prisons.

The health centres located at Yatala Labour Prison and the Adelaide Remand Centre provide 24 hour nursing services.

Health Clinics are provided at all other prisons within business hours. Medical Officers regularly attend all prison health centres and health clinics to provide a variety of general practice services.

Every prisoner is comprehensively assessed upon admission with care plans and pathways put in place to manage any acute or chronic health care needs.

Services provided are appropriate to a prisoner’s ongoing health care needs and are in line with the services that would be provided in the community. Assistance also includes support with self-management of chronic health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, renal failure, viral hepatitis, drug and alcohol dependence and cancer.

SAPHS is part of the Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN).

The following key stakeholders also support with the provision of appropriate healthcare:

SAPHS continues to build on its collaboration with DCS, Allied Health, local health networks, other jurisdictions and health services to provide best practice healthcare within a correctional environment.