Programs for prisoners with children

A range of programs specifically aimed at women in prison with children are delivered each year. They provide information and support on caring for children.

Programs are advertised on accommodation notice boards and in some cases women are approached by prison staff to let them know about program opportunities and availability. Women need to apply to attend one of the programs.

Mum’s Voice program

The Mum’s Voice program is an opportunity for mothers to select a children's book that they will read out loud, and record. The book and the recording can then be given to their child as a gift.

Mothers will need to apply to participate in this program.

Family visits playground

The Adelaide Women's Prison and the Adelaide Pre-release Centre have a visitors centre that includes a playground for children. This is available for use during scheduled visiting hours. All child visitors must be pre-approved before the visit is organised.

Special events

There are a number of special events held each year normally around important dates such as Christmas, Easter and Mother's Day.

Special events are advertised on accommodation notice boards within the prison. Prisoners need to apply to attend a special event and provide names of the guest attending.

Special visits

From time to time women require additional visiting hours.

Occasions include:

  • if a mother has recently given birth
  • where there is a dependent infant, or
  • when a child is having separation issues.

Social work services can be contacted and they can help assess the best approach and provide assistance as required. They will help organise the special visits.