Intensive Bail Supervision

Bail suitability of each person is reviewed and determined by the court.

Some people will require a higher level of supervision. Sometimes, rather than being held in custody on remand (which may not be deemed necessary by the court) the court will order Intensive Bail Supervision.

Intensive Bail Supervision is sometimes referred to as Bail Home Detention as it has a condition of electronic monitoring and may require the bailee to remain at home unless they have permission to leave for specific approved purposes.

The court has the power to order curfews and that the bailee stay at a specific address. This address is nominated by the bailee and an assessment of the address and the proposed living arrangements (and the general appropriateness) will be carried out and reported to the court for consideration before the court makes its order.

Strict electronic monitoring will be used to ensure that bail conditions are fulfilled.

The bailee under Intensive Bail Supervision is still pre-sentence and it is presumed that they are innocent of the offence at this time.

Breaches of bail conditions

If the bailee breaches their conditions they can be reported to the court.
Additional conditions may be added by the court, or the person may have bail revoked and be remanded in custody. 

Community Corrections is responsible for managing the person with the bail agreement and is not responsible for granting or setting the conditions of the bail agreement.