The Prisoner Release Program

Leaving prison can be a very confronting and daunting experience for some prisoners.

Some may have been in prison for a very long time while others may just need a bit of extra help if they have no family or other support networks.

Volunteers provide both practical and emotional support to help offenders through what can be a very difficult experience.

Each offender is involved in an assessment process on leaving prison to ensure they receive the support they need.

As each prisoner will have their own difficulties and issues the support is tailored to suit their specific requirements.

Examples of the type of support provided by our volunteers include:

  • help collecting property
  • assist with liaising with Centrelink or Housing SA
  • reporting to community corrections
  • taking the offender shopping – possibly for food, clothing, or toiletries
  • collecting emergency food parcels
  • helping the offender with bank cards and bank machines [ATM's]
  • using public transport
  • transport to a nominated address, and
  • attending medical appointments.

Prisoners and offenders interested in this program can contact their case manager or their social worker if they have one.