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COVID-19 Update: Face-to-face domestic visits reopen to children

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All about our prisons in South Australia

About our prisons

A brief overview of our prison system...

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Prison locations

Full details including locations, maps, contact details and visiting arrangements...

Prison locations Find out more

Arrest and court

Find out what happens after an arrest – but before DCS gets involved...

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Court reports

DCS may be asked to write reports about you and your background. Victims can make impact statements....

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Remanded in custody

Remand is when someone is held in custody while waiting for their trial or sentencing...

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Going to prison

Getting organised before court, planning what to take with you – what happens after sentencing...

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Prison life

Everything about being in prison – from the admission process to applying for release...

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Professional visitors

Information for professional visitors. These are non domestic visitors – such as a lawyer, or a Chaplain...

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Women prisoners with children

Advice and services for female prisoners with children, infants or if they are pregnant when going to prison...

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Intervention orders

Find out about intervention orders, how they relate to prisoners and how DCS enforces them...

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Release from prison

Find out about release from prison, and the support available...

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Volunteer support services by DCS and external support groups...

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Prison words

Explaining some prison words and DCS terminology...

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