Training and support


Volunteering for DCS can be incredibly rewarding and at times equally challenging. Offenders and prisoners might not be ready, willing or have the knowledge to adopt a non-offending lifestyle. Their values and belief systems can be in direct opposition to your own.

We provide extensive training and support to help you manage the many challenges that working in this area involves.


When you commence as a volunteer you will be assigned to a ‘buddy’ with a more experience volunteering to help you understand and progress through the early part of your time as a volunteer.

Your team leader or buddy will work with you and Volunteer Unit staff to monitor and review your progress to ensure you are happy with your volunteer role and help resolve any challenges you come across.


There will be a local induction course for your assigned work location within 4 weeks of your start date and an initial induction to the organisation within the first 12 months.

You will be expected to attend the induction course.

All training is designed to help keep you and others safe to ensure the department's legislative requirements are met and to support you to develop the skills and confidence in the areas you will be working in.

The length and type of training you receive will depend upon the role you undertake.