Community Corrections Officers

Community Corrections aims to promote the successful re-integration of an offender into the community. They are at the forefront of creating a safe environment where rehabilitation is core, victims’ rights are respected and our communities are protected.

Community Corrections Officers supervise offenders who:

  • are charged with an offence and the court has ordered supervised bail, or intensive supervised bail
  • released from prison either by the Parole Board or on Home Detention, or
  • sentenced by the court on a supervised order.

A Community Corrections Officer will be assigned to each offender and should be the main point of contact for the offender. It is the role of the Community Corrections Officer to provide case management to offenders.

Depending on the individual offenders needs Community Corrections Officers will:

  • conduct assessments
  • make recommendations of appropriate strategies to help the offender
  • help with the transition from prison to the community
  • monitor attendance at courses, programs or counselling
  • carry out home visits
  • conduct drug and alcohol testing
  • organise one to one interviews with the offender, or
  • prepare reports about the offender for the Court or the Parole Board.

Community Corrections Officers engage in Reflective Practice to promote good outcomes when making complex decisions about offenders.

Staff are supported by Team Supervisors, Area Managers and Regional Directors who assist where required.