Prisoner money

Cash is not allowed in prison.

Prison account

A prisoner's money is stored in an account. Their account includes money from their daily entitlement as well as money earned through doing work and rehabilitation programs.

There is no limit to the total amount a prisoner can have on their account. Prisoners are not able to borrow or transfer money to another prisoner.

All the money on the prisoner when they first arrive at prison will be deposited into their prisoners account.

The account is split into two:

  • the main account allows you to buy items from the canteen and
  • the telephone account that enables you to use the phone system.

Both accounts need to have funds to use them and there are no loans and you cannot have negative funds.

Sending funds to a prison

Funds can be deposited in a prisoner's account by family, friend and by professional visitors.

Only postal orders are allowed and there are no online banking facilities.

Funds can take up 7 days to be made available in a prisoner’s account. Those depositing money into a prisoner's account must be approved and identifiable.

There is a maximum transfer limit of $300 dollars per month for low to medium security prisoners.

High security prisoners have a maximum transfer limit of $200 dollars per month.

Friends and family sending money must ensure their name and address are included with the transfer. Money transfers that are not properly identified will be put into a suspense account. It will be held in this account until we are satisfied that the source is acceptable.

Money transfers cannot come from people associated with gang cultures or drug trafficking.

Centrelink payments

Centrelink payments are not available while in prison. Prisoners may be eligible for a Centrelink Crisis Payment on release.

Daily prisoner entitlements

Prisoners are entitled to a small sum of money each day. This amount can vary depending upon:

  • behaviour
  • work activities
  • training and education programs attended.

This entitlement enables prisoners without external support to be able to purchase items such as toiletries from the prisoner canteen, and to pay any fines or other monies owed.

Monies owed

Prisoners who owe money will have the money deducted from their account. Money owed could include compensation levies, victim resettlement, compensation payments, fines and loan repayments.

These repayments are made before passing the balance into a prisoners ‘buy allowance’.

Leaving prison

All money in a prisoners account will be paid to them on release from prison.