How to apply to be a DCS volunteer

Our volunteers are recruited according to the skills they have to offer and what vacancies may exist at the time of applying.

If no vacancies are available, and if you agree, we can keep your details on file and contact you when a vacancy does arise.

The department is a diverse organisation with prisoners and offenders from many ethnic areas. We encourage enquiries from people with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) or Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander backgrounds.

Thank you for your interest in taking the next step – and we hope you apply to join the DCS Volunteers.

The application form

Complete the DCS Volunteer application form

You can post the completed form to:
PO BOX 3126, Port Adelaide SA 5015

Or you can scan the completed form and email it to

Attend an interview

In most cases, you will be interviewed by the DCS Volunteer Coordinator or Assistant Coordinator (and a DCS volunteer where possible). This may differ in regional areas due to availability.

Your interview will generally be at either the DCS Volunteer Unit in Port Adelaide or your local Community Correctional Centre or prison in the regional areas.

You can expect the interview to last about 45 minutes.

For the interview you will need to bring:

  • a copy of your resume if not provided previously, and
  • copies of any other relevant certificates.

If you are successful

If your interview is successful and the screening process is cleared you will receive a congratulatory letter and the recruitment documents to sign.

If you have disclosed a medical condition on the application form that may affect your volunteering with DCS you may need to provide a Fitness Certificate from your doctor at this time to ensure you are able to undertake the volunteer role/s you have applied for.

Once you have completed all entry requirements you will be sent:

  • a letter offering you a volunteer position
  • a welcome pack, and
  • an invite to induction training.

If you are unsuccessful

We will send you a letter if your interview is unsuccessful.

If you'd like further information and feedback you may call the Volunteer Coordinator.

We wish you the best with your application.