Offenders who commit an offence but are found by the Court to be not guilty by reason of mental impairment, may be committed to detention or may subsequently be released into the community on a Mental Impairment Supervision Licence.

The conditions of licence are set by the Court. Supervisory responsibility for those released on licence is divided between the Parole Board and the Minister for Health.

Other people that can be on a licence are prisoners who have been convicted for serious sexual offences and have been declared by the Supreme Court to be incapable of controlling, or unwilling to control, their sexual instincts. The Court may order the release of the offender on licence.

The Parole Board sets the conditions for release and supervises and monitors the licensee once released. The Board is empowered to return a licensee to custody and to cancel release where the Board is satisfied that the licensee has contravened, or is likely to contravene, a condition of licence.

Further information regarding mental health and licences can be found on the Legal Services Commission website.