Bringing children on a visit

DCS recognises that family visits play an important part in prisoner rehabilitation.

Children of all ages are able to attend visiting sessions, as long as there are not any restrictions or intervention orders preventing them to visit the prisoner.

Children must be with an accompanying adult and support groups are available to help with child visits.

We also recognise that for many families, visiting a correctional centre is a regular weekend activity that may require long periods of travel: family time that others may spend at social, school or sporting activities.

All children and infants must be listed when making the visiting booking application.

Children are not required to bring identification.

Babies and infants

Nappies and baby food will be checked at security. They may be held by the prison staff until required.

Prams and buggies are not allowed into prison. Some prisons have a limited area for leaving buggies at your own risk.

If you have concerns about taking children with you on the visit please speak to the staff when making your booking.