Release Ordered Home Detention eligibility

Prisoners must not have been sentenced for:

  • a homicide offence
  • an offence of a sexual nature, or
  • Commonwealth terrorist offences.

Prisoners must have a set period of imprisonment. Those who not have a set end date are not eligible.

Sentenced Home Detention is not compulsory and a prisoner can ask not to be considered.

An eligible prisoner in custody will be considered for Release Ordered Home Detention as part of the regular sentence planning process.

They will be assessed for suitability with the conditions of Home Detention and that the address they want to live at is also suitable.

The suitability check assesses:

  • the prisoners behaviour
  • community safety
  • drug or alcohol test results
  • the length of sentence and sentencing remarks made by the Court
  • suitability of proposed address and structured day activity (e.g. employment)
  • confidential intelligence information
  • submissions from SAPOL and or victims of crime, and
  • any other information relevant to the committee.