Electronic monitoring

Court Ordered Home Detention can include an electronic monitoring condition.

The use of electronic monitoring for offenders in the community has proven to be an effective supervision tool with more and more jurisdictions worldwide adopting this additional method for monitoring offenders.

Electronic monitoring for the Department for Correctional Services (DCS) is undertaken by the Intensive Compliance Unit (ICU). The Unit operates 24/7 and is made up of a team of Monitoring Centre Officers who respond to alerts, and Intensive Compliance Officers who respond in the field to undertake drug testing, breath testing, equipment installation; as well as checks and home visiting of offenders.

The GPS electronic monitoring system used by the Department provides access to real time data allowing for rapid responses by corrections and/or the police.

The system also has the ability to detect offenders who attempt to, or remove their ankle bracelet and a tamper alert is raised. This enables ICU and police to immediately respond.