Supporting an offender in the community

The court considers a range of factors when sentencing an offender to serve their sentence in the community. Those that are approved to serve their sentence in the community are strictly monitored and supervised in accordance with the conditions set.

These conditions might include:

  • drug use being banned – medically prescribed drugs are permitted
  • alcohol not being consumed
  • not entering licensed premises
  • gambling is not permitted, and
  • possessing a firearm is banned – and they must agree to gunshot residue testing.

An offender who is sentenced to home detention can only live at an approved residence.

Offenders who are on Home Detention may be eligible to apply for two different types of leave passes to events such as birthdays.


A person on Home Detention must not leave the residence without prior approval. If urgent medical treatment is required the 24hr Monitoring Centre must be contacted on 1300 796 199.


If you have concerns about the behaviour of someone you think is under our supervision call the police, or call us with concerns that are not an offence but should be reported.