Work and training

Research has shown that education and employment can significantly reduce the risk of reoffending.

DCS is committed to helping prisoners gain skills, education and experiences that will reduce reoffending and in turn make safer communities.

Most prisoners are engaged in work. This is very important to ensuring prisoners have meaningful, structured days and learn skills and responsibilities.

Prison employment

A limited number of jobs are available in prison. Different prisons will have different job opportunities.

The positions may include laundry, kitchens and cleaning services.

These positions provide the opportunity for prisoners to earn money which can be added to their account. Prisoners are able to mix doing a job with attending education or training programs.

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Prison industries

Prisoners are also able to get work in a prison industry. This is an environment that recreates an industry workplace such as a farm.

Prison industries provide actual products and goods. They provide training and genuine work experience for prisoners. Qualifications are also possible.

Skills gained through prison industries provide prisoners with greater opportunities for employment upon release.

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Work crews

Low security prisoners may have the opportunity to work with local and regional groups outside of prison. This might include graffiti removal, wildlife park maintenance and litter clean ups.

Release to work program

Minimum security prisoners may be able to join this program. This might include attending work, completing a TAFE SA course or volunteering. This opportunity is only available at prisons with a pre-release facility.

Training and qualifications

Each prison will offer different courses and training programs for prisoners to take part in. Some prisons also offer qualifications and TAFE courses. Prisons also offer literacy, numeracy and home skills courses to assist prisoners improve their life skills.

An assessment will done to identify eligible prisoners.