Prisoner release support services

Prior to release

There are several programs that are specifically designed to help prisoners transition from custody to the community.

The Adelaide Pre-release Centre specifically caters for prisoners at this point in their sentence. Prisoners at the Centre are generally in the last 12 to 18 months of their sentence and participate in accompanied and unaccompanied family leave, education, work release and community work programs.

Prior to this prisoners can develop a plan with their Case Management Coordinator. There may be the opportunity to learn work skills, improve their reading, writing, numeracy and get help with resume writing and other job finding skills.

Find out about rehabilitation, education and work opportunities and programs.

After release support

Once prisoners have been released from prison they can get help and support from:

  • their supervising Community Corrections Officer
  • Aboriginal Liaison Officer
  • Social workers.

Doctors and health services will also be able to assist with referrals to support and counselling services.

Support groups

There are many support groups in the community that can help newly released prisoners.