iSAFE and End to End Case Management

iSAFE is a major business transformation initiative aimed at improving security, reducing reoffending and supporting safer communities by replacing existing information and communication technology (ICT) legacy systems with a system that will better support effective and holistic end to end case management in the South Australian correctional system.

About iSAFE

In November 2019 the State Government committed to funding a new ICT system. The new system named iSAFE will ensure sensitive and important information related to prisoners and offenders is easily accessed by DCS and its partners for timely, evidence-based planning, decision-making and responsive action to prevent further crimes and reduce reoffending.

Program initiatives

​The iSAFE program brings two key and critical strategic initiatives together and will involve the:

  1. Replacement of the Justice Information System (JIS) to help DCS better meet the growing complexity of its population. A new and contemporary ICT solution will support the highest level of safety and security to community, victims, staff and offenders by improving information and intelligence, decision making, ensuring collaboration across justice agencies and reducing operational and system risk.
  2. Review and redesign of current DCS case management practices to support a more integrated, holistic and personalised approach to end to end case management that manages risk, promotes rehabilitation and reduces reoffending.

iSAFE program timeline

Time line of iSAFE project milestones

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  • Download: Stakeholder iSAFE Program Update - September 2020.pdf (501.3 KB PDF)
  • Download: Stakeholder iSAFE Program Update - December 2020.pdf (204.5 KB PDF)
  • Download: End to End Case Management Our Approach (6.8 MB PDF)
  • Download: End to End Case Management policy poster (730.9 KB PDF)