Chaplaincy and faith services

Prison Chaplaincy Services (PCS) is a multi-faith service and is responsive to all faiths. Prisoners do not need to profess a faith to request help from a chaplain.

The chaplaincy service offers a message of hope, reconciliation and healing delivered with dignity and respect

Each prison has a local coordinating chaplain. The Principal Chaplain is based at Yatala Labour Prison.
There are around 70 accredited chaplains working in the various prisons across the state.

Chaplaincy services

The prison chaplaincy offers:

  • pastoral care – a listening and support services for prisoners and staff
  • religious services including worship programs and religious education, and
  • varying programs that emphasis personal development.

All prisoners are given the opportunity to express their faith and to practice their religious beliefs.  
All have access to appropriate sacred texts, rituals and literature in line with human rights conventions and security protocols.

Chaplaincy programs

The chaplaincy provides a number of programs including individual pastoral care and group work.
They also provide post release referrals to help prisoners to reintegrate with the community.

The chaplaincy has student placements and training opportunities available.

Other faiths and religions

Prisoners of other faiths are supported with pastoral care from their own faith community though professional visits. This can be arranged on request.

How to get in touch with the chaplaincy

Prisoners can speak to an officer to ask for the prison chaplain to visit.

The public can contact the chaplains by calling Yatala Labour Prison and asking for the chaplain.