Volunteers make a difference

A good role model is important

Many prisoners and offenders have never had access to a positive role model. Lecturing and advice giving have little impact on criminal thinking. It’s how you act and what you do that makes the real difference.

Volunteer testimonial

"I learnt about the DCS Volunteer program as I was preparing for retirement from a career first as a PreSchool Director and then a Library Manager in a private tertiary institution, and started working as a volunteer in the prison library system in February 2012.

I am enjoying being able to continue using my library skills, despite the steep learning curve over the first few months.

I have worked in Yatala with a team of long-term volunteers and have helped in the setup and cataloguing of the two libraries in Adelaide Women’s Prison.

The support and training offered by the DCS Volunteer Unit has been invaluable and has given me the skills needed to understand prison culture and to work safely with prisoners. So far I have always felt quite comfortable as I have worked in and moved around the prisons.

The experience of working as a volunteer with DCS has been personally rewarding and it’s good to know that even an ‘old girl’ like me can continue to grow and to learn.

Thank you team for the strong support you offer the volunteers."