Overview of our offence-focused programs

We provide many programs that address specific risk factors related to reoffending, and are designed to assist offenders to live in the community without offending.

These offence-focused programs differ to training programs because they are therapeutic in nature. They are also designed to assist offenders to develop broader social life skills.  

Offenders are assessed for program involvement after they have been sentenced.

An individualised sentence plan is developed that takes into account their risk of re-offending and any specific needs in relation to their rehabilitation and reintegration.

All programs are voluntary although they do require written consent from the offender before they can participate.

Successful completion of a program benefits an offender’s ability to progress through their custodial sentence.  

Completion is looked upon favourably by both DCS and the Parole Board when considering applications for release.


  • Download: Rehabilitation Programs Branch Model of Service (484.9 KB PDF)