Bail supervision

The court can order that the person who is subject to a bail order is supervised by a Community Corrections Officer.


The overall aim of bail supervision is to ensure that the conditions of the bail agreement are kept and that the bailee attends their next scheduled court appearance.

The bailee will generally be directed to report to a Community Correctional Centre within two working days of their court appearance. They will have an initial interview where the conditions of the bail agreement are discussed and the role and responsibilities of the Community Corrections Officer.

Regular meetings will be set up. Additional programs and counselling may be scheduled to help address the underlying issues of the bailee’s offending behaviour. The bailee may also be subject to conditions to undertake urine and breath testing and be subject to electronic monitoring or curfew conditions.  

The Community Corrections Officer will ensure that the bailee fully understands the conditions and the consequences of breaching these conditions. Breaches will be reported to the court.

Verbal feedback and agreement is obtained when appropriate. Aboriginal Liaison Officers are available to help if needed.