Community Corrections Officers

Community Corrections Officers are based at our Community Corrections Centres.

There are 15 locations throughout South Australia. The centres are also a workplace for social workers, managers, administration and support.

Community Corrections Officers role

Community Corrections Officers supervise offenders that are referred by the courts to undertake community supervision.

This can include offenders on:

  • bail or home detention bail
  • home detention
  • bonds
  • parole
  • licenses under the mental impairment legislation
  • community service.

The majority of our Community Corrections Centres throughout the state include a work-base that manages the supervision of offenders undertaking community service work programs.

Staff required to supervise community service workers have a trade or skills background.

Role overview

If you think this sounds interesting, here’s an overview of what the role covers:

  • preparing pre-sentence and bail reports for the courts
  • preparing pre-release reports for the Parole Board
  • working in a sensitive manner with offenders from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds
  • identifying specific offender needs and directing them to the appropriate programs available
  • supervising groups of offenders undertaking community service hours and projects
  • providing non-compliance reports to the courts to identify failures of offenders to meet their community based reporting requirements.

Candidates should follow the guidance on applying to work at DCS.

Community Corrections Officer roles are advertised on IWorkForSA.