Professional visits

Professional visitors can see their clients in prison by appointment during specified hours.

The following people are examples of a professional visitor:

  • lawyers
  • social workers
  • dentists, opticians and other non-urgent health providers
  • religious and faith leaders, and
  • representatives from approved support groups or other government departments.

Prisoners should ask their case manager for the prisoner request form if they wish to schedule a professional visit.

Prisoners cannot make the booking. The professional visitor will need to arrange the visit and make the booking with the prison.

Requesting other professional visitors

Prisoners who wish to request other professional visits should contact their case officer or a unit staff member.

Guidance for prisoners during professional visits

Visits may be terminated if either the prisoner or their professional visitor fails to follow the prison rules or comply with the directions of correctional officers. This might include failure to comply with being asked to be searched prior to entry or threatening, disruptive or intimidating behaviour towards anybody in the visit session.

In an emergency both the prisoner and their professional visit must follow all directions from the correctional officers.

If a prison enters a lock down situation all visits will be cancelled.