Why work at DCS

If you’re ready for a fresh new career opportunity then you’ve come to the right place.

Choosing a role at the Department for Correctional Services [DCS] can give you the opportunity to develop a meaningful career and one is which will allow you to have a positive effect on the lives on others.

Corrections is a great place to work

You will be part of a team of around 2,000 people across the state who are passionate about turning peoples’ lives around and contributing to South Australia’s community safety.

We can guarantee that a career within Corrections will be more interesting, challenging, exciting, and rewarding than you would ever have imagined.

DCS has roles across South Australia that are based:

  • in our 9 prisons
  • at our 15 Community Corrections Centres
  • in our central offices and Regional Business Centres

All these sites work together in the shared commitment of reducing offending, and contributing to a safer South Australian community.

Careers within Correctional Services can bring great rewards - each day can be different.
There are different and unique opportunities to discover within Corrections. We provide a safe, secure, team-focused working environment for you to develop and grow.

The personal and professional learning curves may be steep, but the rewards are great.

The continued development of our staff is a critical factor in achieving positive results for the community, and we are proud that we invest heavily in supporting our staff to explore areas of interest and develop new skills.