The canteen system

Prisoners who want to top up their food supplies or replace toiletries will need to use the prison canteen system. The canteen system also allows prisoners to buy extra stamps and writing materials to keep in touch with family and friends.

Each prisoner regime has a different canteen list and restrictions which are designed to encourage positive behaviour.

Lower security prisons also have a larger list of canteen items including fresh fruit and vegetables. Fridges may be available for keeping cordial drinks and milk or dairy items.

There are daily and weekly limits to how much a prisoner can spend and the prisoner must have the funds in their account. Some prison regimes have electrical products such as fans and radios (and headphones).

Buying items

Prisons have weekly or monthly 'buy’ lists and prisoners are able to choose which items they would like to purchase from the list. Only the items currently on the list are available.

There must be funds in their account at this time.

The goods are then delivered to the cell or unit for collection. There is one set day for goods to be collected.

Some prisons have an electronic self-service kiosk [KEX] where goods can be ordered.
All prisons have a paper form version. Once complete this form should be provided to a correctional officer.

There are weekly limits to how much a prisoner can spend. This weekly limit changes depending upon the prisoner regime.