Prison Industries role

DCS is committed to reducing reoffending by 10% by 2020.

Prison Industries can be contracted by South Australian businesses to manufacture and supply goods.

This is an opportunity for our businesses to contribute to the rehabilitation of prisoners and offenders.

Key aims

Evidence based

Research shows improving work skills increases the opportunities for prisoners to find employment on their release.

Safer communities

Providing rehabilitation opportunities help offenders get their lives back on track and leads to safer communities.

The work opportunity programs provides prisoners with a structured day, a routine and a working environment that reflects community life and promotes a strong work ethic.

Industry led

The work is meaningful and produces real products and goods.

Work opportunities are popular and many of the programs work on a roster system that allows as many prisoners as possible to gain experience.


A key aim of prison industries is to advance and promote the cost effective operation of our prisons.

Some of the work opportunities benefit the prisons for example milk for the prisons is produced at our dairy farm.

This work program helps reduce the costs of running our prison system.

Other work programs produce items and goods under contract for local councils, local businesses, non-profit groups and other government agencies.

These sales and contracts help make the program cost effective.

This ensures that the goods and services are required, that they are financially viable, and that the skills learned have a commercial use in our community.

Skills and training

Prison Industries provide vocational training to prisoners through on the job practical training.