Pilot program for Prisoner Domestic Visit bookings

The Department for Correctional Services is piloting a new system that makes prisoners responsible for their own face to face and video domestic visit bookings.

Which prisons are involved in the pilot

The Adelaide Pre-release Centre, Mobilong Prison, and Port Lincoln Prison are part of the pilot program.

These are the only prisons scheduled to be involved at this time.
All other prisons will continue with the current domestic visitor booking process - via telephone.

How the new booking process works

Prisoners will now be responsible for liaising with their visitor - and arranging an agreed date and time.
The prisoner will then use an available prison kiosk to book the visit into the system.

How will a visitor know if a visit has been booked

Prisoners have the option to either

  • let the booking system send an email to the visitor advising of the details of the visit
  • their visitors via telephone.

What if a visitor can’t attend the visit

Visitors will be able to cancel a visit by either:

  • using a link contained in the email sent by the booking system
    The link will take the visitor to a page on this website - and then to an online form
  • phoning the prison and requesting the visit be cancelled.

What happens next

The length of the pilot will be determined by the outcomes of the pilot and feedback from visitors, prisoners and staff.
The pilot will inform future roll out plans to other prisons.

The pilot may be stopped early or extended as required.

Updates will be supplied to visitors via the website - and to prisoners via the kiosk system.

What are the benefits

The aim of the pilot is to make the visit process easier whilst keeping families and friends connected with prisoners.

Currently visitors are required to phone a prison to make a Domestic Visit booking.
They are restricted to set times as to when they can phone to make an appointment. When several people are trying to do this at the same time it can lead to long waiting times 'on hold' and difficulties in getting through.

This new model also enables prisoners to be in control of their own affairs.
By empowering prisoners to be self-sufficient contributes to their rehabilitation.

Where do I direct questions and feedback

Feedback about this pilot is welcomed.
Please send your comments to DCSBusinessImprovementInitiatives@sa.gov.au.