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Teaching staff

The Correctional Educator provides learning services to prisoners undertaking accredited training and instructional programs, and provide training and assessment for prisoners in line with the priorities of the Department.

The vocational qualification Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment is a requirement of the role.
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Custodial Specialist Officers - Industry

Custodial Specialists working within our Prison Industries area provide education and on-the-job training for prisoners to establish skills that might lead to employment once they are released.

Custodial Specialist positions are filled by trade qualified, or persons with relevant industry experience. Qualifications or industry skills sought for our specialist custodial roles range from:

  • horticultural
  • mechanical
  • carpentry and joinery
  • textile work and production
  • welding and fabrication
  • commercial laundry
  • bakery.

Our Prison Industries play a key role in contributing to the security, safety and rehabilitation of prisoners by providing meaningful work for the prisoners in our care.

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Our psychologists are responsible for working with prisoners and offenders.

They ensure prisoners and offenders receive specialised psychological treatment and assessment

They are also required to offer expert professional opinion and provide comprehensive psychological reports.

Our psychologists are required to be registered under the provisions of the Psychological Practices Act 1973 - this is managed by the Psychology Board of Australia.

It is also preferable for applicants to have completed a Masters Degree in a professional psychology program (Forensic, Clinical, Health Psychology, etc)

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Sentence management unit

The Sentence Management Unit (SMU) is responsible for the assessing of prisoners, and consists of an assessment and sentence planning stream, and an administrative stream.

Roles undertaken by SMU include:

  • decision making regarding prisoner placement
  • specialist psychological assessments
  • overseeing Sentenced Home Detention
  • monitoring prisoner security ratings
  • implementing quality control of case management.

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