Sending packages to prisoners

All packages must be approved before being sent to a prisoner.

Approval of mail parcels

The following process is applied to sending packages to prisoners.

  • the prisoner must complete and submit a property request form
  • the request will then be reviewed by the General Manager of the prison and approved if acceptable
  • the approved form will be returned to the prisoner
  • the prisoner must send the form to the person organising the item
  • the property request form must be included with the package sent to the prisoner
  • the goods in the package must match the item described on the approved form.

Items that fail to meet the property rules will be treated in the same manner as excess property:

  • the prisoner may organise collection or delivery
  • the property may be disposed of.

The prisoner will have to cover any additional costs.

The parcel may be destroyed if it contains drugs or other items that contravene section 33 of the Correctional Services Act 1982.

Presents and gifts

Unfortunately surprise gifts cannot be accepted.

All packages must follow the property request process and include the approved property request form in the package.

Prisoners cannot receive gift wrapped packages and all packages will be opened and inspected by correctional staff.