What we do – our responsibilities

The Department for Correctional Services provide services that contribute to a safer community by protecting the public and reducing reoffending.

We are responsible for the operation of nine prisons across the state that safely accommodate adult prisoners. We also supervise offenders in the community on various orders made by the courts and Parole Board.

The department manages adult men and women over the age of 18 years.

Prisoners and offenders can be any nationality, culture, diversity or religion. We have facilities to cater for those with physical disabilities.

Other areas of justice

Arrest and police custody

South Australian Police are responsible for the people they arrest until the first court appearance.

Sentencing and punishment

The Court is responsible for the sentence and any conditions applied including the length of the sentence.

Youth offenders

The department is only responsible for adult offenders.

We generally do not look after youth or child offenders.

The Department of Human Services (DHS) are responsible for Youth Justice.

Forensic patients

We generally do not look after forensic patients (those diagnosed with mental health issues and found to be unfit to stand trial). We work with SA Health and their Forensic Mental Health team who are responsible for the specialist care forensic patients require.

However on rare occasions and with exceptional circumstances our facilities have been used to look after some 17 year old offenders and some forensic patients.


The Parole Board is responsible for setting conditions and release on parole.