Farming and horticulture

Cadell Training Centre farm

We have a prison farm at the Cadell Training Centre located in the Murray Riverland region.

The farm has an award winning dairy herd that supplies milk not only to the other prisons but also to other departments within the public service.

The farm produces olive oil and has a very productive citrus industry.

The agricultural work is supported by a maintenance team of workers who maintain the vehicles, equipment and irrigation systems required to operate this large scale farm.

The department has delivered training and qualifications to a number of prisoner workers in horticulture at Cadell and the education centre at Cadell is particularly busy providing a wide range of education and vocational training.

Northfield farm

The farm is situated between the Adelaide Women’s Prison and Yatala Labour Prison and is worked by pre-release prisoners from the Adelaide Pre-Release Centre.

The farm is purely agricultural. There are a range of poly tunnels in operation growing fruit and vegetables and a cereal crop that is harvested annually.

Port Lincoln Prison

Port Lincoln Prison provides a thriving nursery and agricultural industry that helps provide fresh fruit and vegetables for the prison and for local outlets.

The nursery uses poly tunnels to grow a number of crops and has some extensive open planting areas. There is a hydroponic system for growing lettuces and these are sold to local restaurants and used inside the prison.