Prison routine

We place a great emphasis on rehabilitation and reducing reoffending. The prison routine contains both organised programs and opportunities for self-development and reflection. Each prison and sub unit also has its own schedules and rules for showering, meal times, roll counts and lights out.

Prison Activities


Programs are organised activities usually with a specific goal or outcome. Some programs such as alcohol or drug rehabilitation may be included as part of the prisoners sentence.

Others can be part of an education or vocational scheme and are designed to help prisoners learn a new skill and find a job upon release from prison. Some programs offer a recognised qualification or certificate and can become part of an offenders plan.

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Self Help Groups

These are organised groups usually with a facilitator. Topics and discussion may centre on health issues, hepatitis, drug or alcohol abuse, religion and help with leaving prison.

Self help groups may help prisoners deal with the issues that lead them to be imprisoned, understand prison life and manage conerns around family life outside.

Demonstrating good behaviour shows the parole board that the prisoner is making a positive effort.


Books can only come from the prison library and are unable to be sent in. Prisoners are able to order newspapers and magazines from the canteen system.

A newspaper clipping such as wedding announcement or a child’s sporting award may be sent in to prison.  

Prisoners may have access to a television with most prisons having cells or communal areas that are equipped with a television, but access to DVD's is only available at some prisons.

Radios and headphones can be bought via the canteen system and CD’s are allowed in some prisons.

Outside of the cell prisoners can take part in sports including football, soccer and netball. Some prisons have a gym. Board and card games are available in recreational areas but gambling is strictly prohibited.


Some low and medium security units allow hobby items for arts and crafts. Prisoners require permission from the prison manager as hobbies are considered a privilege. The cost of items is the prisoners responsibility.


Prisoners can practise any religion whilst in prison. A chaplain is available for christian services at all prisons.

Prayer group meetings are held on weekends.

Prisoners should ask their case officer or unit officer for a prisoner request form..

Visits by Imams, Rabbis, Buddhist monks or any other similar faith leaders can be arranged as professional visitors.