The Volunteer Unit

The department’s Volunteer Unit provides meaningful and coordinated support to prisoners, offenders and departmental staff as well as acting as a vital link between the department and the community.

It was established in 1975 following recommendations by the Criminal Law and Penal Methods Reform Committee.

It oversees over 100 volunteers across South Australia and operates a number of volunteer programs on a state wide basis. It supports the department in a range of areas across the community.

Unit contact details

The Volunteer Unit is based at the Port Adelaide Community Correctional Centre.

Mail: Customs House, 220 Commercial Road, Port Adelaide SA 5015
Telephone: (08) 8440 3620

Volunteer role

Our DCS Volunteers provide support to prisoners and offenders at all prisons and community correctional centres. The volunteers work with staff to provide programs with a focused rehabilitative approach.

The unit runs the volunteer orientation program which allows volunteers to receive training around confidentiality while working with prisoners and offenders.

Volunteers from Chaplaincy Services, Edge Church, Visiting Inspectors, Aboriginal Elders Program and Second Chances SA are offered the opportunity to participate in the Volunteer Orientation Program.

This ensures risk management remains at the forefront of service delivery whilst engaging the wider community in the rehabilitation of prisoners and offenders.

The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for both the unit and our volunteers.

The Volunteer Unit is part of the DCS Offender Development Directorate. This allows a more streamlined approach to the delivery of volunteer services that are aligned with the department’s rehabilitative goals.