Property for prisoners

Property and mail will generally not be accepted at visiting time.

Processing extra items into the prison at this time can slow the security process for all visitors.

All property items should be sent via a recognised mail carrier such as Australia Post.
This includes cards, letters and photographs as well as packages.

Tobacco, cigarettes and any other tobacco related items (including but not limited to: e-cigarettes, lighters, matches) are not allowed to be taken inside prisons.

Money must be sent through the mail and it will not be accepted at the prison reception area.
Find out more about money transfers.

Newspapers and books are not allowed to be brought to prisoners. They can buy newspapers via the canteen system and borrow books from the prison library.


The prison general manager will approve in advance if property can be brought to a prison in person.

This is in addition to the regular pre-approval process for sending property to a prisoner and the form that the general manager needs to sign.


Please note due to COVID-19 food is currently not permitted at any of our prisons. 
Contact the prison directly for the most up to date visit information available.

A modest amount of family food that is to be shared during the visit can be taken to:

  • Adelaide Pre-release Centre
  • Cadell Training Centre.

The prisoner will not be allowed to take leftovers back to their cell or unit.

Food items are not allowed at the other prisons.

For further information visit the prisoner property page.