Student placements, research and work experience opportunities

The Department for Correctional Services [DCS] is unable to provide opportunities for high school students.

University student placements and research


DCS does provide the opportunity for university students to undertake placements to further their studies.

Placement opportunities are very dependent upon the department's needs and requirements.
We will liaise with Adelaide University, Flinders University and the University of South Australia regarding known potential placement opportunities.
Students from open universities are also eligible to be accepted on placement opportunities.

Students should contact their course supervisor or coordinator in the first instance.

Examples of previous placements include:

  • project work
  • social work
  • case management in community
  • group work through intervention
  • crisis management safety and security through the prisons
  • psychology
  • law
  • policy
  • criminology

Induction, support and supervision

Induction training is provided to students prior to commencing their placement which forms part of their hours and provides a broad introduction that includes guest speakers.

Students are matched with a supervisor at a site and in some instances External Supervision is required based on qualification needs.


We are committed to supporting and encouraging research in specific areas to develop or inform existing Departmental policy and practice.

Accordingly, research applications are invited from Undergraduate and Post-Graduate Students, Senior Academics, and in limited cases, non-Academics. Applicants should read the Information Package for Applicants before applying.

Initially, all interested applicants are encouraged to fill out the Expression of Interest for Research form (Appendix A) outlining their qualifications / academic background, the nature of the intended research, its methodology, intended outcomes and the level of support / access required to be facilitated by DCS SA.

If the Expression of Interest is approved, applicants are then required to provide further information about their research application.

Applications to conduct research which align with priorities outlined in either the current DCS Strategic Plan, the Business Plan, or both will be considered as a priority.

The level of assistance and support provided to researchers conducting projects will depend on the application’s relevance to the DCS Strategic Plan and the requisite skills and knowledge of the individual.

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