Prisoner Awarded Damages

Prisoners can seek and be awarded compensation for damages through the court system.
In some cases, victims are able to make a claim on these monies for the recovery of damages.

The Prisoner Compensation Quarantine Fund

Prisoners can seek compensation for a range of matters including alleged injuries or loss of property whilst in prison.

If they are successful in their claim, the money may be held in the prisoner compensation quarantine fund – initially for 12 months.
The money can be quarantined if the amount of the claim exceeds $10,000 or the award meets other legislated criteria.
This is part of the Correctional Services Act 1982 legislation.

Quarantined money and victim claims

DCS will publicise this information to ensure victims have a greater chance of finding out about the award.

A “Notice of an award of damages to a prisoner” will be published in the follows ways:

  • on this web page – and also in a news item on our website
  • as a media release to the daily newspapers for South Australia and Australia
  • in the South Australian Government Gazette.

How to apply for recovery of damages

Registered victims will be notified of any relevant awards to prisoners that have been quarantined.

Compensation is not automatically paid to victims — victims must apply.
We advise that victims should seek legal advice on the process of making a claim.

Victims wanting to make a claim should contact the Victim Services Unit for further advice on eligibility and the application process.

Current prisoners with monies in a Prisoner Compensation Quarantine Fund

There are currently no prisoners with monies in Prisoner Compensation Quarantine Fund.

Victim Of Crime Compensation

We have no involvement with Victim Of Crime Compensation matters.
Information about compensation for criminal injury and loss is available from The Commissioner for Victims’ Rights.