Prison work areas

Unit-based activities

Prisoners in all centres are employed in the cleaning and care of their accommodation unit and the grounds surrounding them, providing work opportunities and constructive activities

Prison industries

Prisoners have the opportunity to undertake industry work and training which could help to give them formal qualifications through the Australian Qualifications Framework.

This includes nationally accredited short courses, licences and certificates. Training is often made up of theoretical and practical components and is done within the prison supervised by qualified staff and trainers.

Work parties

Supervised groups of low security prisoners work with local councils, communities and State Government on work contracts outside the prison.

They work in areas such as forestry, horticulture, construction and warehousing.

Cadell Country Fire Service

The Cadell Country Fire Service (CFS) is staffed with custodial staff, members of the public and prisoners that have maintained their training and level 1 and 2 qualifications, including a number of other accreditations throughout the year. The Cadell CFS managed incidents including bushfire suppression, vehicle accidents, house, boat and vehicle fires, as well as preparing incidents for other brigades to manage chemical spills or accidents.

The Cadell Country Fire Brigade receives commendations for their professionalism and response to incidents by SAPOL, members of the public and other CFS Brigades.

Release to work

Prisoners approaching the end of their prison sentence may be eligible to engage in employment in the community. This is with an approved employer  and with a view to maintaining their employment upon release.

These prisoners are low security prisoners who meet strict eligibility criteria and have demonstrated that they are highly motivated to work.

Alternatively there are several options available for other work and activities for pre-release prisoners.