10by20 – Reducing reoffending

We know that reoffending has substantial costs for our community. A reduction in reoffending means a safer community with fewer victims and less crime.

In August 2016, the former Government set a bold target to reduce the rate of reoffending by 10% by 2020. Following by a review of the State’s correctional system by an independent Panel, the State is now driving a fundamental shift in corrections policy.

The  Response and Action Plan provides a blueprint for achieving the reoffending reduction target. The State has accepted all six themes and 36 recommendations put forward by the Panel and outlines an over $40 million investment in reducing reoffending.

The Department for Correctional Services is committed to the target and is responsible for leading the delivery of the action plan and for monitoring progress on the strategy,

The Work Ready, Release Ready (WRRR) is one of the flagship programs to emerge from recommendations in the 10by20 Strategic Policy Panel Report.

The program is being provided by Workskil Australia and commenced in March 2018.

To find out further information visit our Work Ready Release Ready page.


  • Download: 10by20 Strategic Policy Panel Report (4.7 MB PDF)
  • Download: 10by20 State Government Response and Action Plan (1.6 MB PDF)
  • Download: 10by20 Brochure (421.3 KB PDF)
  • Download: 10by20 Media Release (311.9 KB PDF)
  • Download: 10by20 Progress Report 2018 Update (1.1 MB PDF)
  • Download: 10by20 Progress Report 2019 Update (1.4 MB PDF)
  • Download: 10by20 Progress Report 2020 Update (2.2 MB PDF)
  • Download: 10by20 Progress Report 2021 Update (2.6 MB PDF)